Do You Wear Underwear With Swim Trunks?

Do You Wear Underwear With Swim Trunks

If you are a regular swimmer, you often had to deal with problems related to your swimming outfit. You might wonder, what should be the best outfit, whether to wear any underwear with your swimming trunk or not to wear any underwear beneath. We are going to discuss many factors and other people’s experiences about the matter to come up with the best way to go swimming.

First, we will list the reasons to determine why you would tend to go for underwear beneath a swimsuit.

Should you wear underwear under swim trunks?

Here we are going to discuss the most common reasons you should wear underwear under your swim trunk.

Transparency of Swimsuit

This is a common reason why most people tend to wear underwear under swim trunks. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it is very uncomfortable for you to wear a transparent piece of clothing anywhere in a public. It can be the most common reason why most people will be choosing to wear underwear.

For the sake of comfort

Some people find swimwear uncomfortable and tend to wear underwear to feel comfortable. It is quite an important fact that swimwears are not specifically made of such material that is comfortable to be in contact for long. Some people like cotton and soft fiber underwear.

Conventional Method

Some people think of it as a conventional need to wear underwear beneath your swimsuits. But this is not very true. Swimsuits are meant to be worn without underwear.

What about Professional Swimmers

Professional Swimmers

Professional swimmers do not like to wear any underwear clothes. It’s basically because time is very precious to them. Underwear gaining water mass can slow them down. Even though it makes a very small time difference, but they cannot manage to lose a small portion of a second.

Why you should not wear underwear under swim trunks

Mostly, it is not suggested to wear any underwear under swimming trunks. It is due to many reasons, and we will demonstrate the major reasons. Also, you will learn about why you should not wear underwear.

Swimsuit material

Swimsuits are made of a material that is quick dry and are not very transparent. It is probably up to you to choose the ones with thick fabric. Swimsuits do not soak any water and dry quickly so that you don’t run around the beach with water-soaked underwear beneath your swimsuit.

Convenient swim

Swimsuits are built in order not to resist any motion in water. But underwear does not have such features. It can slow you down in the water, and thus, you can lose the speed battle with your friends.


Swimsuits are not very comfortable if you wear them for a long time. Although underwear is made of soft materials like cotton. It also has the feature to soak up water and moisture. This is not a very comfortable choice when you go swimming because your swimsuit is going to dry immediately, but you will be walking with water dripping from wet underwear beneath your suit. And yes, it does sound uncomfortable.


If you wear underwear under tight swimsuits, you are going to get some weird looks as you’re not only dripping water from the underwear, your wet underwear is now noticeable due to the tight swimsuit. And yes, we got this one advice from superman.


Women Swimsuit

Wondering what is the best thing to do to solve these problems? Well, the most working thing can be choosing your swimsuit smartly. You pick the ones with inner lining, which is the second layer of fabric, and is probably there to prevent transparency. You can pick the swimsuits with bra lining if you’re a woman. Or men can try to find the ones with additional lining in the crotch area. You need to check the suit turning it inside out.

The best thing you do when you try on the swimsuit can be a water check to see if it’s transparent to any extent and to ensure see that the fabric is thick enough. Do not pick too light colors like yellow, green, or pink. Go for fit swimsuits that look pretty good. There are also swimsuits available that fulfill the religious demands covering the whole body. In that case, you can also look for a burqini.

What are the other things you can wear instead of a swimsuit?

Before you think of underwear or boxer shorts, let me tell you some funny and bad experiences that explain why not to wear any underwear. How about you getting stuck in a wave and losing it. That is a common experience with boxer shorts and swimming.

Another reason is that cotton clothes are ruined due to the chlorine and other chemicals in the swimming pool’s water. Your clothes will not be the only one’s getting ruined. But your friend’s and your health is also at risk to suffer due to the water-borne diseases that can be carried in the water along with your normal clothes.

This is why wearing street clothes is banned in most swimming pools and on some beaches. But it is not very much of a common rule. Although chlorine kills bacteria, parasites, and viruses but it does not kill fungi. That leaves a risk of fungal infection on the skin or nails. So it is possible to get an allergy from wet clothes.


You must choose the swimming outfit smartly and make sure that it is free from the problems that can bother you later. Water check is a good way to check for transparency and quick drying feature of your swim outfit. And swimsuits are designed to eliminate the need for undergarments.

You can ask if you have any questions or suggestions related to the mentioned problems. I will be more than happy to answer you.

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