How Long Will It Take to Learn Swimming?

How Long Will It Take To Learn Swimming

You might have this question if you are a beginner or just a regular person who recently finds interest in swimming. Although, you cannot tell a person exactly how long it will take him to learn to swim. It probably depends on the amount of effort and time you put in the training. But we will give you enough information so you can guess the time you need to become a good swimmer.

First, you need to know that the time one needs to learn to swim depends on many reasons. It depends on the amount of time you dedicate, the regularity of practice, and any fear of water before because this will first require you to overcome your fear. Age and gender are also essential factors on which your time requirement depends. Girls are usually better swimmers than boys. 

How to learn swimming

How Long Will It Take to Learn Swimming?

Let’s just consider a typical example. An adult with no prior fear of water starts to learn swimming. He will at least need 20 hours of training within a few months with regular practice sessions and pool visits to gain necessary swimming skills. 

For children, it depends widely on the age, gender, and the kid’s brilliance. Most children learn to walk, talk, and swim faster than others. It does not always depend on intelligence but also on the child’s interest in learning. If your child does not want to learn now, you should wait to develop some interest before you send them to swim tuitions.

Again, this is the time one takes to learn the necessary swimming skills. Mastering at swimming can take years or practice. We will discuss the time adults and children need to be a basic skilled swimmer in detail. We will also demonstrate the factors that can increase or decrease training time.

How many days do adults take to learn swimming?

How Many Days Do Adults Take To Learn Swimming

Adults are usually better at understanding complex tasks but mostly lack interest in learning tasks such as swimming. But if you are determined to learn to swim, you won’t take long. But you still need to be patient and should not rush in learning faster.

The following are the significant attributes of professional swimmers that helped them master swimming. If you are determined to learn and follow these points, you will be an excellent swimmer in the least time possible.


Most swimming trainers make you do random exercises over and over again, which probably makes you bored. But these exercises are essential for your muscle memory. When you repeat these exercises, you create muscle memory that helps you when you are free in the water. It helps you in the long term and builds up the stamina of muscles used while swimming.


Swimming Technique

You need to keep in mind that your technique is the most important thing than your progress. If you can swim for a long distance without proper technique, it is not worthwhile. This might work fine in swimming pools, but you will struggle hard while swimming in open water.

So you should be patient and attentive to practice the techniques carefully. Only then, you will be making real progress.

False Technique

People who rush through the training and seem to be learning fast sometimes actually misapply the techniques. This fast progress is not that useful and will be troublesome for them when they come across an experience to swim in open water. Over time, people with natural techniques and lots of practice will be faster and better swimmers while practicing the wrong techniques won’t seem to make much progress over the years.


Never stop practicing. You should never miss an opportunity to swim whether with friends or alone on a hot summer day. You should not stop practicing in winter, either. You can surely find pools that maintain water at room temperature in winters too. If you stop exercising for a long time, you might need to rebuild the muscle memory and stamina.

How early can a baby learn to swim?

How Early Can A Baby Learn To Swim

This is a little more complex to answer because it completely varies from child to child. Significant factors to consider the time a child may take to learn to swim can depend on factors such as how much time it took him to learn to walk, speak, or read?

If a child shows a lack of interest in swimming, he can take forever to learn it. Age and gender are also significant aspects. Based on the information, you can estimate the time your child needs to learn the necessary swimming skills. We will also tell you how you can learn faster and be more natural and better at swimming.

The average time a child takes to learn to swim

A child who learns to swim at a young age, such as 3-4 years of age, will take many more training sessions, about 25-30 sessions. While an older child of 6-7 years of age can learn necessary swimming skills in 15-20 sessions. A child must always keep practicing swimming to build more natural skills.

Children who learn at a young age are more natural swimmers than other children who started learning late.

What can you do to help your child learn fast?

You can do make a big difference in your child’s required training time, but you also need to make sure that you don’t rush into it. If you do, your child might end up with unnatural swimming skills, which will trouble them swimming in open water or mastering at swimming.

Being there for them!

Regular Practice

As a parent, you need to teach some steps to your child that requires you to learn about fundamental problems a child might face while learning to swim, especially if your child is young. You need to make sure they are participating and understanding the practice sessions.

You can ask them questions about what they learned that day, in a friendly way. Ask the instructor if your child showed any lack of performance compared to other children.

Regular Practice

Take your child to a pool or a practice session twice or more in a week. Don’t take long breaks, even in winter. As I mentioned earlier, you can look for a pool that maintains water temperature in all seasons.

Good Diet

A proper diet is also vital for your learning child. Although kids have plenty of energy and stamina, swimming is an energy-consuming task. Also, new muscles will be developing as they kept practicing and getting better at swimming. Try to increase proteins in their diet.


Swimming Motivation

This is an often neglected point but is quite necessary. If your child immediately does not show satisfactory performance, this might be due to certain reasons. You do not need to worry about it; instead, you tell them that they will get better eventually. Children notice the fact that their fellows are doing a bit better. They selflessly try to catch up with them and will ultimately do so. You just need to give them some time.


The answer to the question, “How long will you take to learn swimming?” depends on your dedicated time, effort, age, gender, and persistence. Adults learn faster than children, but children who learn at young ages have more natural skills.

If you have any suggestions or queries, you can ask me in the comments.

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