How to Get Water Out of Your Ear After Swimming?

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear

Your ears are delicate organs, and water in your ear can make you very uncomfortable. It gives you an irritating sensation in your ear. Its intensity depends on if the water is in your outer or middle ear, but it is not very severe.

Although water does not come out faster, there can be circumstances such as bacterial infection in your ear that is a condition known as Swimmer’s Ear.

In most cases, water drains itself out, and your ear heals in a day or more. During this, your hearing might be obscure. But you don’t need to worry; we will give you 13 methods that are very effective in getting rid of water in your ear as quickly as possible. It will help you take water out from your ear canal or even your middle ear. We will also discuss the consequences of water getting stuck in your ear.

How does water get stuck in your ear?

Water can enter your ear and as quickly leave it. The reason it gets stuck sometimes is that an obstacle is in its way out. It can be excess of ear wax or due to a narrow ear canal. Despite these reasons, you can get water out very quickly. Sometimes, when water is stuck in your middle ear, it is due to your Eustachian Tube acting as an obstacle.

How Does Water Get Stuck In Your Ear

How to get water out of your ear?

There are many ways to get water out of your ear. It depends on which one works for you, depending on your age and the water’s location in your ear. If water is in your middle ear, it is risky to attempt to take it out. So, it needs to be done carefully.

Methods to remove water from your ear canal

These are 9 tips that will help you drain water out from your ear canal.

1. Waggle motion

You need to make waggle motion with your ear lobe while tilting your head downwards. This motion will allow water to change its path, passing the obstacle in its way.

This should be your first attempt to take out water.

2. Help from the Earth

You can lay down with the disturbed ear facing down the Earth. This will help gravity force water out of your ear. This might take some time to work, and you might want to support your head with a towel.

3. A Hair Dryer for your Ear

This seems a little damaging, that’s why it needs to be done with care. You need to keep the Hairdryer at the minimum intensity and at a safe distance (at least 1 feet) from your ear. This will help water to evaporate quickly, just like in your hair.

A Hair Dryer For Your Ear

4. Creating Vacuum

You first need to face the ear downwards and cover your ear with your palm. Gently move your palm back and forth. This will create a vacuum in your ear, and suction will force water out.


All these next methods include the use of ear drops to prevent the infection and drain out water. This is safe for a healthy person, but do not try any of these if you have an outer ear infection, damaged eardrum, or tympanostomy tubes. In this case, you should consult with your doctor first.

5. Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide drops can unclog your ear clearing Ear wax or any other barrier preventing water out. Put 3-4 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in your ear and hold for 2 minutes, then face the affected ear downwards. This must let the fluid out.

6. OTC Drops

If you don’t find Hydrogen Peroxide drops, ask the chemist for any OTC (Over the Counter) drops to solve this problem. Such drops are safe enough to be sold without a doctor’s prescription and will solve your problem.


Although these drops are safe, you must not excessively use them. You can put 3-4 drops in your ear maximum, or it can cause irritation.

7. Home-made Ear Drops

If you are unable to find any drops from your pharmacy, you can make ear drops at home. You need to add equal parts of alcohol and vinegar in a clean dropper. Put 3-4 drops in your ear and hold for 30 seconds. Then face the ear downwards.

The alcohol prevents any bacterial infection in your ear. The vinegar is a helping agent that can clear ear wax standing in the way of water.

8. Olive Oil Treatment

Olive Oil Treatment

Olive oil can also help to drain water out of your ear. You need to put a few drops of olive oil in your ear and lay down facing the ear upwards. After 3-4 minutes, point the affected ear downwards, and both water and oil will drain out.

9. Water drops

This might sound a silly solution to the problem, but it is a functional method. Lie down on the other ear’s side and fill a few drops of water in your ear. After a few seconds, face the affected ear downwards to drain all the water out.

Methods to remove water from your middle ear

If water is stuck in your middle ear and is not coming out, there can be reasons such as your Eustachian tube is not open for water to come out. Or there is a histamine response of the body. In these cases, you can find decongestants without a prescription. There is also antihistamine therapy as an option.

10. Hot Steam

Inhaling hot steam can help open up your Eustachian tube and allow the water to come out. But you must not force if it does not. You can try other methods.

11. Pushing Air

You need to close your nose with your fingers and then gently attempt to blow air through your nose. You will feel air blowing through your Eustachian tube and opening it. Now you can try the old tilting your head towards the ground and draining water out.

Cover Nose

12. Jaw Movements

There is another simple method to open your Eustachian tube. You just need to move your jaw in a chewing motion or open it wide with your head tilted down the affected side. This will let the water out of your middle ear easily.

What you should avoid?

You must be very careful in trying to follow all these tips. If you put anything in your ear, a cotton swab or finger, or any other thing, you might increase the risk of severe problems. You should also avoid trying to clean your ear before or after swimming.

Why should you not remove ear wax?

Ear wax prevents bacterial infection and fungus in your ear canal. Trying to clean your ear canal with a cotton bud does not help clean it but pushes the wax more in-depth into the canal. It can cause irritation if the wax reaches your eardrum, or the cleared wax will increase the risk of bacterial infection.

How to prevent it from happening?

If you frequently get water stuck in your ear, you should try swimmer’s earplugs specially designed for use in water. Typical cotton earbuds are not reliable for use in water. You can find them at any local swimmer’s store or accessories store. The earplugs can be costly, but they will save you from this problem for a long time. You should also dry your ears with a towel or tissue after a swim.

Possible Consequences of water trapped in your ear

There can be many consequences if the water is trapped in your ear for longer. There’s a risk of Bacterial Infection in your ear canal, which is a condition common among swimmers and is known as swimmer’s ear. If the bacterial infection in your ear lasts longer than 2 weeks, it can cause severe difficulties. There’s a possibility of permanent ear damage or hearing loss. Or the infection can progress into your Eustachian Tube, causing damage to your throat.

High Risk

Open waters contain large quantities of bacteria and have a higher risk of causing a bacterial infection. You must never swim in open water without earplugs.

Quick Action

You should always drain water out of your ear as soon as possible. The risk of a bacterial infection progresses with time. It can leave you in pain for weeks but you can surely avoid these problems by following the mentioned methods.

When To See A Doctor

When to see a doctor?

Ears have a natural mechanism to avoid any infection. But factors like clearing ear wax, or prior ear damage can cause infections. In such cases, use the above-suggested methods and drugs. Infection must blow away in around two weeks at most. But if it lasts longer, you should immediately consult an ear’s specialist.

If you have any suggestions or queries, let us know in the comments below.

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