Social Media Tips

Please be sure to post on your social pages about your #SwimJitsu event. If you’re not sure what to post on each social media platform, here are a few tips to guide you: 


  • 75% of all parents are on Facebook
    • Push registrations: This will be the best place to get kids to register their kids for SwimJitsu.
    • Adding a photo generates higher engagement than those without.
  • Use the photos that we provide for you in the images tab, as well as posting photos and videos throughout the event.


  • Use #SwimJitsu so we can find your content and promote from our social pages.
  • Increase retweets with pictures (35%) and video (28%)


  • This is where your target audience is located. Use clever captions & emojis to capture the excitement of SwimJitsu. Drive them wit to register.
  • Use high quality photos to catch your audiences attention.
  • Tag SwimJitsu in your photos so we can repost from our SwimJitsu Instagram page.

Social Media Post Ideas

Leading up to the event:

  • Mark your calendars #SwimJitsu will be here on (Insert date)! Don’t miss out on the fun register today: <insert link>
  • Calling all swimjas! #SwimJitsu is coming, the question is… are you ready? Register: <insert link>**
  • Challenge your friends and see who can finish the #SwimJitsu course the fastest! Register: <insert link>**
  • Put your swimja skills to the test #SwimJitsu! Do you have what it takes? Register: <insert link>**
  • Don’t miss out! Come out to conquer #SwimJitsu this weekend! Register NOW: <insert link>**

Day of the event:

  • Good luck today Swimjas. May the three sacred traits be with you. #SwimJitsu
  • #SwimJitsu has begun! The swimjas have started their tasks to achieve the sacred traits of speed, wisdom & agility!

After the event:

  • Congrats to all the young swimjas who conquered #SwimJitsu today! You are now #SwimJitsu Grandmasters.
  • Love #SwimJitsu & want to join our team? Contact us & we’ll show you what our team is all about! Details: (Insert link)

Social Media Photos

Downloading is Easy:

1. Right Click on image

2. Save image as

3. Select location

4. Click save