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The Course

Mastering the 3 sacred traits

  • Each competitor will get timed on the obstacle course.
  • Only the best time is recorded.
  • A dive off of Mt Swimja will result in a disqualification. 

Obstacle 1: The Start (Speed)

The Swimja begins their journey in the water. 

Obstacle 2: The Slide (Speed)

They must first manipulate the first slide. Controlling speed is critical. 

Obstacle 3: Bridge (Wisdom)

The next obstacle for the Swimja is the Bridge. This is a test of wisdom. Choose the wrong path and their time will suffer. 

Obstacle 4: The Jump (Wisdom)

 Up or down? Only the Master Swimja chooses the right path. 

Obstacle 5: The Second Swim (Agility)

The Swimja must gracefully master the second swim test and glide through the water.

Obstacle 6: The Beam (Agility)

Balance is critical. This is never more prevalent than on the beam. One missed step and you are all wet. 

Obstacle 7: The Cliff (Wisdom)

The Swimja must carefully and strategically attack this obstacle. Wisdom is a must on the approach. 

Obstacle 8: Mt. Swimja (Speed)

Swimjas must utilize their skills to get to the top of the mountain either by the rope or the handles.

Obstacle 9: The Top of Mt. Swimja (Wisdom)

Swimjas must ask themselves a cannonball or slide down?

Obstacle 10: Swim Finish

Swimjas must utilize all of the 3 sacred traits as the swim to the finish and touch the wall.