A Brief Guide to a Swimmer’s Body

How to Get a Swimmers Body

Swimmers enjoy countless mental and physical benefits of their bodies, all thanks to their vigorous training techniques. It’s important as they need to compete in elite competitions throughout the globe.

But what if you don’t want to become a swimmer, but still want to enjoy the benefits of a swimmer’s body? That is precisely where this article will help you out.

First of all, let’s break one common misconception about male or female swimmer’s body – a lot of people think that there is one particular type of body known as the swimmer’s body, wherein reality, different types of swimmers have different body types.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach. However, the basics tend to remain the same – short legs, long torsos, and long arms, etc. Stay with us till the end if you want to learn how you would be able to build a perfect Michael Phelps body.

Now, let’s dive right into details of what a swimmer’s body looks like.

What does a swimmer’s body look like?

To build the right swimmer’s muscles, you first need to know what exactly the swimmer’s physique looks like. Here are the common elements of a perfect swimmer’s body:

What Does A Swimmers Body Look Like

  • The body fat percentage is very low while their abs are well-defined to ensure agility
  • They have broad shoulders which allow them to take longer strides with each stroke
  • Well-defined triceps and lats further assist them in acquiring a seamless full-body motion
  • The best swimmers also have a long torso – Miguel Phelps is the perfect example
  • They have above-average heights and upper limbs

While some of these characteristics of swim bodies are natural, a lot of them are acquired through regular training, and of course, countless hours of swimming. Just like everything else in this world, a swimming physique also demands extreme efforts and discipline which elite swimmers follow in order to make it to the world rankings.

A quick word of advice: There are multiple ways of having a swimmer’s body transformation, however, all of them demand consistency. No tip or trick would work if you aren’t consistent with your efforts.

Wondering how to develop the perfect female or male swimmer’s body? Here are some of our expert tips for your swimming body transformation!

How to get a swimmers body?

A few of a swimmer’s body characteristics are natural, but others can be achieved through effort and dedication. All you need to do is build your mind, and be consistent with whichever regime you follow.

How To Get A Swimmers Body

A lot of people also make the mistake of thinking that a few months of workouts will give them swimming bodies like Miguel Phelps, unfortunately that is not possible. Elite sportsmen spend their entire lives in becoming what they are, so unless you wish to compete in Olympics, building a near-perfect swimming body will do just fine for you.

However, bear in mind that building a perfect swimmer’s body is all about highly intense workouts as you need to build muscle while losing fat. Of course, swimming does help in this, but you need to go the extra mile to see better results.

There are two different types of training required to build a swimmer physique – In the pool training and out of the pool training. We have discussed both of these below.

Training in the pool

Did you know that Miguel Phelps (we seem to be obsessed with his swimming expertise, but then again, he’s among the best in business) swam twelve times a week, clocking 12 miles of swim every single day – insane right? The question is, why did he spend so much time in the pool? There must be some benefit to it.

Training In The Pool

Here is why Miguel spent a significant time of his week in the pool:

It builds triceps

Triceps are among the main engines in the human body that produces thrust during swimming, which means that the bigger and powerful they are, the greater your thrust will be. When you swim several hours a day, your triceps get built due to repetitive motion, which will help you in becoming a better, faster swimmer.

Your Legs Gain Strength

Swimming is among the best forms of cardio. It kicks your metabolism, reduces fat, and builds swimming muscle at the same time. Another benefit of this activity is that it tones your thighs and overall legs in the perfect shape for swimming – pro tip: don’t overdo leg days in gyms, as overbuild or bulkier legs can cause resistance during swimming. Swimming alone will build the perfect legs required to give you speed and agility.

Shoulders Become Broader

When you swim over and over again for weeks and months, your body uses shoulder muscles more often, which is why it grows with time so you can enjoy better maneuverability during your swim. To ensure a broader built and stronger shoulder muscle, try using a combination of one-arm stroke, backstroke, and two-arm stroke.

Well-defined Waist and Core

With each stroke your make in the water, your core and waist play a massive role. It triggers the constant movement of your arms and legs during swimming which allows it to get stronger over time. Due to the high-intensive nature of swimming, you also lose body fat and build core swimming muscles.

LAT Muscle Grows

Among the many benefits of swimming for building a perfect swimmer’s body is that you build your Latissimus Dorsi muscle. These are large muscles situated in your upper body and are used for flexion and extension among other functions. They are also the muscles that provide swimmers with a V-shaped body.

Training out of the pool

While swimming itself is an excellent way to build a lean swimmer’s body, you need to hit the gym or do body weight exercises for the best results. This will allow your body to build muscle and full-body endurance faster than otherwise.

Training Out Of The Pool

A proper cross-training program bundled with swimming is the best way to build a Michael Phelps body. However, with so many exercises to do, it can become rather confusing to choose the right ones, which is why we’ve singled out some of the best ones that you can do in order to encourage the development of your swimming muscles.

Latissimus Dorsi Pulls

Lat muscle, as mentioned earlier in the article, is your back muscle. You can do resistance training for this muscle by doing exercises like chest pull-downs, V-bar pull-ups, neck pull-downs, and more. All of these, as well as other similar exercises propel the growth of the lat muscles on your back, which can greatly assist in your swimming body transformation.


Nothing good comes without hard work. In this case, crunches are an essential out-of-the-pool exercise that you can do to improve core strength and endurance. Using dumbbells while doing crunches will exercise both your core and shoulder muscles, allowing you to build the perfect swimmer’s body with a lean waist.


These may seem simple, but as soon as you cross the 1-minute mark, you will start feeling the burn in your core. Planks are an excellent way to stabilize your body using your core, which will allow you to perform better during swimming, not to mention the six-pack you will develop over time.

Rowing Machine

Rowing is a great way to engage multiple swimming muscles at the same time. You use your core, arms, legs, and shoulders during the rowing motion which helps in building endurance in those parts of your body. This endurance will not only build the perfect swimmer’s body but will also help you perform better laps while swimming.

Exercise coupled with the right nutrition will boost results

The right diet makes up for 80% of the swimmer’s body, which means that exercising without proper nutrition will hinder the development of male and female swimmer’s body. Since everyone has a unique body, there is no universal formula for the right diet. However, there are certain things you must take care of regarding your diet if you want to get ripped from swimming.

Swimmers Diet


Your muscles are torn after an intense workout, be it swimming, weightlifting, or anything high-interval. To recover from this, and to regrow the muscle into a bigger and stronger one, your body requires protein. We suggest that anything between 25% – 305% of your total daily consumption must come from protein.


Carbs are the primary source of energy for your body. The carb-stores in your body get depleted as you use it for intense exercise, which is why you need to refuel your body by eating more of them. Whole-grain toasts, bananas, and oatmeal are the most common and quickest ways to restore carbs in your body.


There is a common misconception that fats lead to an increase in weight. While anything in excess can cause weight gain, you cannot simply cut out this fuel source from your body. Make sure to eat healthier fats in moderation in order to keep your body functioning properly after regular workouts and swimming sessions.

In a nutshell

A swimmer’s body demands a lot of vigorous exercises coupled with the right nutrition. It may take several hundreds of hours’ worth of effort to build the perfect swimming muscles, but it is certainly possible for you to do so. Simply follow this brief guide and enjoy watching your swimming body transformation day after day, week after week, and month after month.

Remember, it is all about consistency. So keep following the regime and give it time – it won’t be long before you will also have the swimmer’s body you’ve always dreamt of. Best of luck!


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