What to Wear Under Board Shorts?

What To Wear Under Board Shorts

You must think of Swimsuits and Board shorts as the most casual beachwear. And they are best for swimming days. But are they designed to eliminate the requirement of underwear? Should you bother wearing an underwear with the instead of going commando? We will demonstrate all the reasons and facts you need to know before you make a decision.

You mostly are not suggested to wear underwear with the Board shorts. It is a common suggestion based on many factors. We are going to demonstrate them next, but you should know that it is a common tradition in many areas to wear any underwear with Board shorts. They might have their reasons.

What are Board shorts?

Board shorts are a traditional fashion for swim days and they also go for casual wear. They originated from simple swim trunks and earned their separate importance over the last 50 years as standard water sportswear. It happened most probably due to the use of durable and smooth materials like polyester and nylon in their products that makes them comfy and gives a firm grip. They do not soak much water and have quick-drying properties.

Board shorts with Liners

There are Board shorts available in the market with an extra layer of lining. This layer is close-fit to the skin, which gives you a cozy feeling, as you mostly find in an undergarment. This layer is a common reason for most people not bothering to wear any underwear. It is designed to prevent any transparency of the fabric when shorts are wet.

You must look for this layer while searching for an excellent swimwear. It is better if you can try them on and see if they are comfortable for you and has the features of the right swimsuit. Try to do a water test if you can do so.

Board shorts without Liners

It is common to find Board shorts without a lining layer. This is an extra layer, commonly, of polyester mesh. But these layers are available in many materials with a wide range of articles based on their affordability. Polyester mesh is preferred material for Board shorts because it is very resilient and can tolerate frequent wet and dry cycles. Unlike your cotton underwear, it does not shrink after many washes.

What to wear under Board shorts?

Many options turn out to be better than regular cotton underwear. You should also check out compression shorts. These are soft and breathable skin-tight shorts that are very good at dealing with moisture. They have all it needs to be an excellent swimwear.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts allow flexible movements and accommodate body temperature makes them a common choice to athletes and bodybuilders. It can be the best alternative to a lining Board short as it gives you extra support during your swim hours.

What to look for while choosing underwear that goes with board shorts?

Board shorts began as casual wear, but they earned fame as alternative swimwear. They do serve the purpose perfectly and eliminate the requirement of underwear. You need to be sure that it has a lining that is comfortable and eliminates the need of an underwear.

Tight and packed

Wearing underwear should support you and make you feel closed. This feeling of additional support can be satisfied by choosing the perfect size and material. You need to ensure that the material is breathable so that your muscles can relax and movements are smooth. Although, remember to make sure first that the underwear you are choosing has all the features so you can wear it throughout the day and is comfortable for long time contact with your body.

Sea salt can cause many problems for your sensitive areas. Choose soft materials that do not cause any skin damage due to the chafing of the fabric. You should try spandex based undergarments. They have all the features to be the perfect underwear beneath your Board shorts. This material can stretch 500%, then it’s the original length and is very flexible clothing material. It can stand stretching, washes, and many more things while still maintaining its shape that is precise to your body. All these reasons justify its abundance in the textile market.

Quick Drying Material

Quick-drying material is an essential feature because you can end up walking on the beach with dry Board shorts but wet underwear. It is as inconvenient as it sounds. Underwear needs to be fast-drying. It can get uncomfortable for you if any clothes are wet for long. You can do many precautions for this not to happen to you.

First you should remember that cotton is not a very reliable material for seawater or even pool water. It is not occasionally slow drying material, but most cotton underwear designers intends it to soak moisture. You can find the ones lacking this feature, but it’s better to use other materials such as polyester, nylon, or spandex, which are more reliable as swimwear.


Board shorts, no doubt, look good and are known as dominating fashion for beachwear for many decades. Most people tend to wear spandex underwear, which has an elastic great looking baseband. It is conventional to wear the Board shorts lower so that the baseband is visible. It does look pleasant.

Spandex based underwears are also very comfortable while running and swimming due to the soft and flexible fabric. You would not want to take the compression shorts off unless you need to do so.

Advantages of wearing underwear with board shorts

Advantages Of Wearing Underwear With Board Shorts

Although Board shorts are supposed to use without underwear, the reason people tend to wear underwear with board shorts is there are some advantages to this.


Underwear have soft fabric and comfortable stuff that prevents chafing while running or swimming. People tend to be more confident with undergarments while swimming as it is an extra protection layer.


Some underwears have an elastic baseband, which is a part of beachwear fashion trends. This baseband is kept visible mostly as it looks good.

Disadvantages of wearing underwear with board shorts

Wearing underwear with board shorts might have some advantages, but Board shorts are supposed to go commando. There come many downsides to wearing underwear with them. We will demonstrate them for you to make a decision.

Slow Drying time

Most underwear is made with the features and stuff to absorb moisture and keep the skin dry. This feature also gives it quite drying time as it needs to hold moisture and water. While compression shorts wick away moisture and are an excellent alternative to underwear, regular underwear has designed without this concept. They intend to not using them in water.

If your shorts dry faster and your cotton underwear is still wet, it is an absolute inconvenience. So you should probably not choose underwear with your Board shorts.

Color Fastness

Swimwear designs are featured to prevent color bleeding in salty waters or pool chemicals. But underwear is not intended in such a manner. Contact with brackish water and pool chemicals can result in color bleeding and chemical reactions that ruin the fabric. It is suggested not to wear cotton underwear in most pools and beaches to avoid any late circumstances.

If you wear regular cotton underwear with board shorts, you will not only end up with ruined underwear, but also, there’s a possibility of skin damage due to reactions, which can cause allergies, rashes, and many more kinds of uncertainties if you do not choose water-friendly underwear.

Disadvantages Of Wearing Underwear With Board Shorts


Although, you may consider Board shorts as less supportive and are asking for more help in the form of underwear. But you need to know that underwear is not very supportive of water. A water wave can be a cause to disturb your underwear and demanding you to adjust it frequently. It’s not the case with compression shorts as they intend to keep in contact with your body.

Support is essential for peace of mind, but frequently adjusting your underwear is not comfortable and does not let you enjoy. So, it is a common suggestion to go commando or for a compression short if you do need support.


Style is also another vital factor for you. Choosing the right look can be tough, and it would be very embarrassing to wear something that seems inappropriate to the situation. Just like visible underwear on a swim day at the beach. You must consider speedo’s as they are much durable, and an appreciated fashion item for beachwear. They would also be completely invisible under your Board shorts.

Benefits of going commando

It is one of the best ways to go as your comfort is your priority. The benefits of wearing nothing under Board shorts are vast. It very much convenient if you tend to spend most of the time of your swim day in water instead of on the beach.


The best options you can explore with your swim day fashion include regular underwear with a material with certain qualities, speedos, liners in the Board shorts or spandex based compression shorts. The fifth option is also there that is wearing nothing else with your Board shorts. You can explore all of these options, so you know which one suits you the most and is your preferred choice. Let us know in the comments and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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